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Room Allotment

Every year the residents of my hostel are supposed to change their rooms, to accommodate the new entrants and to fill the ones vacated my graduands. The room allotment is done towards the end of the year and doesn’t involve any authorities. It is a day, rather, a night bustling with activity. The air is filled with tension, politics, flattery, and what not.

The usual procedure is that fourth yearites are given topmost priority, followed by third years, second years and finally the ill-fated freshies!

People have varied opinions about rooms, but they all converge on one point: Nobody wants the rooms, next to the bogs, popularly called as bog rooms!

We, the second yearites had already decided to continue our stay in 1st wing (ground floor) and, luckily, didn’t meet any opposition. None of the gumbals thought as highly of that particular wing as we did. But now, the most important question: who will stay in the bog room? It was room number 164 and, as must be evident by now, none of us volunteered to compromise.

There were some other issues too. I desperately needed a room with the comp space towards the window. Moli was too reluctant to leave his room: 161. Finally, it was decided that we should have a lucky draw. Soon, there were neatly folded chits containing room numbers (kudos to Neta for preparing those!) and we were to pick up one. The rooms available were 150 to 164 for fifteen of us, 164 being closest to bog and 150 the farthest. And the procedure began.

Everyone started picking up one chit. Everyone hoped to stay away from 164. After each one of us picked up the chits, it was now time to reveal them.

Hearts throbbing.

Dilli unfolded his chit.


A relief, and an applause. People congratulated him.

Swaroop next.






S9. 155.

Chola. 153.

The sitaution was tense now. All the rooms revealed were 150’s. That meant 160 to 164 still awaited those remaining.


157. Ecstacy.

Me (Mamme).



People were overjoyed with a sense of relief. One of the dreaded rooms was now destined to someone else.



A huge cry of happiness. Baba always wanted to stay beside Hula (I seriously don’t know why) and now his long cherished dream was fulfilled!



No expressions on his face. He continued scratching as before.


162. “Ok.”



Moli was shattered! His room was no longer his!

The situation was extremely tense now. With four chits remaining to be opened and two persons left (the other two were not present, so we had decided to open their chits in the end), 164 still haunted them!



Huge relief!



“Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.” Moli was shattered beyond imagination.

This was all about the proceedings. As decided earlier no one was allowed to shuffle rooms. People had to be content with their fate!

Some quotable quotes:

  • “Hum dono saath ho hi gaye!” – Baba, to Hula
  • “Mera baap Sardar hai!” – Mamme
  • “This is 164!” – Moli, pointing at 161
  • “WTF? Teesre saal bhi main gande environment mein!” – Bachcha, 160 to Dedh, 159

The video of the proceedings will soon be launched.

  1. amrit
    April 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    163 Ganga.

    Will make a note of that.

  2. Moli
    April 17, 2007 at 5:10 pm

    The bog is ok, how will I manage the other side? Room # 163

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