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Holiday Diaries

I completed summer training and reached home towards the end of May. But my travels hadn’t come to an end. A week later, we went to Dhanbad. The occasion: my distant nani’s golden marriage anniversary. It was fun. I met some of my relatives I had never before seen! I danced with my 50+ mausi, made some quick additions to my orkut friends list, and finally returned home after 3 well spent days.

I met my school friends, some whom I saw after four years! It was nice meeting them.

It was my sister’s birthday on 19th June. We had quite a bit of fun; a get together for relatives living in same town (which happens almost every week!).

I learnt, rather, started learning, calligraphy. My instructor, a classmate, also made few bamboo brushes for me to practise. I assured her that I would definitely do so once I get back to college and got a suspicious stare as an answer.

We had a school re-union! But only 2 boys and 9 girls were present. The food in the restaurant was too spicy to eat and the service worst. Yet, we had a gala time. There were startling revelations, and, though I didn’t hear it, some of the girls said later that I was termed as “Darling” by one of the gals. Cool na!

While retuning from a friend’s place at around 7 in the evening, I heard some metallic clang. I felt some cycle had collided with my car, towards the rear. I accelerated to move away from the scene. Then I felt something was under my car. I heard sound of metal as if it was being dragged. I moved on, took a U-turn ahead and started on a flyover. I saw people peeping from the railings towards the spot I had just left. There was a decent gathering there. I was scared. I drove, carefully, to home. I didn’t tell this to anyone and didn’t take the car out for few days. Till date,I don’t know what had happened that evening!

We visited school. Met all our teachers, the principal (luckily,the one we hated the most was absent that day!). We came to know that our games teacher got married recently! We revisited all those corridors and those places that used to be our hiding spots when playing hide-and-seek, entered bio lab without being annoyed at the formalin smell, saw students running around in recess exactly as it used to be during our times. Before returning, we went to Chianki farm (a splendid farm near our school, abundant fruits and trees). We tried stealing guavas, but just when we were to sneak in, the guard came yelling. After that, even on persuading him highly, he didn’t let us have any fruits.

Then, it was my chance; my birthday, on 12th July. Same stuff again, I got nice gifts though!

As vacations were nearing the end, I managed to finish reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I admit I was upset at Dumbledore’s death and the wait for seventh book took hold of me.

I started making a new Indian team in Fifa2005. I created few players, christened them with desi names, and put very high attributes, but couldn’t complete the project.

I started making a custom campaign in Age of Conquerors and was overjoyed to finally have my codes working in the form of a playable campaign. Couldn’t finish it either.

Finally, it was time to return after a long trip home.

  1. Moli
    July 30, 2007 at 1:21 am

    Darling aap ne us cycle wale ko mar dala

  2. m.flowerr
    August 1, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    Belated Birthday wishes to ya….hope you had a funday:-)

  3. aniket
    August 1, 2007 at 12:58 pm

    i dunno!!

    thanks a ton!!!

  4. Indigo Lobster
    August 2, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    chhutiyon mein to bahut kuchh kiya..goa mein ki masti bhi hamein bata….

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