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Buzz, ed. 01

Remember Buzz? Well, it’s our weekly wing newsletter with myself as the Editor-in Chief. It was started again after more than an year of inactivity. The first edition came out last week. Since Buzz is a hand written, A3 newsletter, scanning it and displaying here wouldn’t have been effective so I thought of writing all that there is.


BUZZ the weekly 1st wing newsletter…

Ed. 01

The BUZZ that lived!

All hail! A phenomena that had been dormant for quite some time now, is active now. BUZZ is back! Well, it was destined to be, as our official astrologers had predicted long back. This is the first edition, and we promise that BUZZ will be dynamic (wait till you witness!). Since this edition comes right after the summer break, it has stories (facts, we proclaim, as always) from the holidays and we term this as ‘Holiday Diaries.’ Now, that all the immortals refrain from “mentoring” the freshies, BUZZ will definitely spice up their lives, or at least, their weekends.


Dilli, gazing at his name as athletics in-charge on notice-board from the corner of his eye, at a bunch of passing freshies. He was elated that they notices his name!

The other side of Bachcha

In the very first class this sem, a prof asked a question. Amidst a silent class, Bachcha was bobbing up and down eagerly. Finally, unable to resist, he let out the answer: “Sir, it’s the outcome of a probabilistic process expressed as a function having direct co-relation with it’s stiffness matrix.” The prof later admitted that he was dumbfounded!

Moli seeing Cupids

He received a wrongly delivered message from a girl last sem. And they kicked off. All thise hours he used to spend on the phone – it was her. Just ask him if he didn’t take her for a date while at home (Here’s a hint – her name starts with *).

Baniya, Munafa etc. etc.

Dhamki, when he was supposed to be interning, did unearthly things. He approached a whore, got his stipend raised and still managed to avoid putting a treat (for other immortals – GO GET IT!).

Yet another side of Bachcha

[ can’t be displayed as it contains matter that may spark controversies in the lives of my wingmates, if everyone out there reads it ]

Baba – a mortal threat?

The garden man reached Bangalore for a project under some stud scientist. When he met him, he (the scientist was not very friendly. The next thing our reporters heard was that the scientist was paralyzed! God save the immortals!!

Quote of the Week

The overwhelming prerequisite for the greatness of an artist is, well, the artist’s death.


Tattu, for adding a golden streak to his locks, spending 11$ on a pack of *** and most importantly, for being so very focussed for his aim, as is evident from a document unearthed by our research team. A xerox of the original is displayed here do that the immortals can get to the real (bigger) picture.

[ can’t be displayed as it contains matter that may spark controversies in the lives of my wingmates, if everyone out there reads it ]

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