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Buzz, ed. 02

BUZZ the weekly 1st wing newsletter…
Ed. 02

SMS Privacy?

A great deal is going on, secretly. Unbelievable things are being said, all through SMS’s. Sample this one in Tattu’s inbox: “Main to nahi bolne wali. u will hv 2 say everything. Don’t expect from me as i am too shy.” Interesting? Another one in Baba’s ‘sent’ folder reads thus: “Thanks for inviting us and making it wonderful. And ya it’s my pleasure to save your life. 🙂 Bye.” What does this mean? And what does it mean when someone messages Tattu to delete one of his testis and that good things should be kept for the end, so make up his mood? Well, it’s clear that a lot is happening and as always, BUZZ is always there to enlighten the immortals.


Bhondu, brushing one night and saying that it was his new-sem-resolution. Never again was he seen brushing at night.

Really Influential Contacts

While Neta and Tattu may argue as to who has higher contacts, Hula has proven his mettle in this case. A stud prof. actually shook hands with him in class and said he was sure to score many S grades! Now how did he manage to seduce the prof? Everyone is wondering…

Dedh and the coolest dude

As usual, Anna assumed the forefront in planning the trip to Bangalore. He said he had grandest plans for all. But all of a sudden, it all crashed! And Anna’s alibi? The plan had to be cancelled as his friend, whom he referred to as ‘cool-dude’ couldn’t make it to Chennai.

New Bloggers!

Bachcha and S9 were the ones, incrementing the count of wing bloggers by 2. Interestingly, both began with a serious note:

A would be dilemma

Tattu enjoyed his stay in Australia – it’s well known now. How he enjoyed? It’s captured in his pics of beaches, topless restaurants etc. But oops! He left the undeveloped roll at his home. His parents plan to get them developed, but he is constantly forcing them not to. If only someone calls up his home and tells them what ought to be done!!!

Neta’s Dreamgirl

In the train while returning from Bangalore, Neta dreamt that a couple on his opposite berth were having sex. And, believe it or not, he had a nightfall!!!

Baba-Babi went up the hill to-

Baba had this nice trip to Kodaikanal with many girls. And now, at least two of them are reported to be ill, with constant vomiting. “God knows what they did up there…”

Joke of the Week

Dilli asked a girl: “What’s your name?”
The girl replied: :Carmen.”
Dilli: “How come?”
Girl: “I like car and men both. What’s your name by the way?”
Dilli promptly replied: “Boobinder Singh Pussy.”

The Editor-in-Chief

We had numerous hate mails saying BUZZ never features it’s employees. To stop this crib once and for all, this column will feature non other than the highly revered Editor-in-Chief himself! Yes, we gladly accept your ‘thanks’ and wishes.


Doodh, for assuming an authority regarding setting up of wing rules and threatening everyone who goes against him to debar from veto power in all wing decisions.

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