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IIT Life!


Memories of this part of our lives will be etched in our minds forever. All these night-outs, pranks, carelessness…

Yesterday, we went to a hostel senior’s place – he graduated last year and is presently working in Chennai. It was great to meet him. We talked endlessly, boozed, and then there was brilliant dinner made by a Bihari cook. We left him around 11:30 pm, and waited for an auto for what it seemed like half an hour. There were nine of us, most of whom were high. So we boarded an auto. Inside, someone started humming some a song. That was it. Call it a high level of understanding or whatever, all of us started singing. We sang throughout the journey:

Hai apna dil to awara
Na jaane kispe aayegaYe dosti, hum nahi chodenge

Todenge dum magar
Tera saath na chodengePal, rahein ya na rahein pal
Kal, yaad aayenge ye pal


We kept on singing till the driver asked us to alight at IIT Gate! I decided there that this will definitely go to my blog. Wondering about the sheer pleasure when 20 years later, I read these lines and recollect the IIT life. As Bachcha rightly said back there in the auto, such night will be few, so, live these moments!

  1. Moli
    August 26, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    to bihariyo ko khana accha pakane ata hai.. mamme bhai mere liye ek book kar de…

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