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Save Our Planet

September 30, 2007 3 comments

conceived by Mistake, designed by me, additional inputs by Vatsap.


Save Energy

September 30, 2007 1 comment

conceived by Dalal, designed by me, revised by Vatsap.

Making of Shaastra Ad

September 28, 2007 8 comments

Vatsap called me.

“Ek ad banayega?”

I said I had to work on some invitation design. He at once relieved me of this and asked me to go ahead with the ad for Shaastra. It was to be printed in Education Plus (supplement of The Hindu newspaper). He detailed me about the concept. We had to depict a hacker and his computer, and the hacker manages to break in. The screen was to show username as engineering and password as fun. So I began.

I searched the Net. But, call it ineffective manner of searching or willingness to do something original(!), I soon packed the idea and decided to shoot a pic myself and use it for the ad. So I called Moli (“I will appear in a newspaper ad for Shaastra!!”) and Neta and tried some shooting. We finalized this pic:

We managed to get the right height and other details right because of a brilliant setup and a brilliant lights-man. Here’s a behind-the-scenes image of our setup:

It’s not visible but Moli was actually sitting on Neta’s thigh as the chair made him too high compared to the laptop!

Having secured a nice pic now, I set to work. I planned how to go ahead and was busy making the design, when Vatsap called again.

“Start kar diya kya?”

“Haan. Kyon?”

“Actually, we are packing the idea. Doesn’t seem to be attractive.”

I was disheartened, but for Moli it seemed the world had come to an end! Here is the unfinished ad:

Vatsap called after half an hour and said they had finalized a concept of medical prescription to be used as an ad. Another member of the Design team, Dalal, came to me, explained the concept and we discussed how to go about. After he left, I started the work afresh. Completed it, and was reminded by the Sponsorship team that I didn’t put sponsor logos! I did that, and as usual, sent it to Vatsap to improvise, waiting for his expert comments. He suggested a few modifications (“Don’t put a border around the prescription paper, just put some shadow effect”). He also allowed me to use my name as the patient’s (sorry Moli!). Now, the ad was finally complete:

Waiting for Education Plus!


September 26, 2007 1 comment

Sometimes, you just can’t help feeling low, very low.

A Comic Idea

September 26, 2007 8 comments

When students start thinking, probably the first thing they indulge in is rantings about the horrible teachers.

It was another of those classes which fuel the above behaviour among students. I was bored when the Prof. gave each one of us a printed sheet with some diagrams and started trying to explain the things. I glanced at the sheet. This was the part concerned:

The Prof. said these were bollards – something used to tie ropes. But they didn’t appear so to me. I saw something else. And I tried to make this something else visible to all. Here is what I did:

The eternal consciousness among students that lectures inspire (needless to say in which direction) once again justified!

A Slot Exam

September 15, 2007 10 comments

The Perennial Chain

September 14, 2007 7 comments

Poetry is like booze to me. It doesn’t happen everyday, and delights when it happens. It’s perfect channel when you have an outburst of emotions. And definitely, an outburst doesn’t happen everyday.

I was thinking about writing this poem since many days now. And it took shape today (though slightly different from what I had intended, as always!)

The Perennial Chain

Change is inevitable they say,
But how fickle is the term ‘they!’
Behold humans and it may sound:
Change is the rarest thing around.

Theories, trends, beliefs they hold,
They’re all false, let them be told,
Once alone and all realise,
Their firmly held belief dies.

It’s all false, I reiterate,
Yet we don’t love to hate,
Fail to hate and love to adore,
And The Stranger turns a stranger more.

Winners are born, as change is rare,
Losers by the side stand and stare,
They have just one common thread:
Ponderings – some love some dread.

Winners and losers don’t think alike,
Yet they both seem to like,
A common thought – it can be heard:
‘Beliefs are false and illusion is this world.’

Warnings realise even inside your shell,
Sweet prophecies may fail in your dwell,
Your ‘self’ is what the universe cares,
And change, again I say, is rare.

Losers are caught in this perennial chain,
Their fears come to fore and hopes all drain,
Winners are those who get off the web,
But aren’t they born to free themselves?