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Hi everyone!

I was away from blogging since long. My excuse here is lack of time. Last few weeks had been very hectic.

Several things happened while was absent from the blogging world. Things I missed to blog about.

Long back, we won inter-hostel water polo. I was a full time member of my hostel team this time and even played all four quarters against our arch rivals. Gold and the celebrations thereafter were sweet.

One of my good friends had contested for the post of institute sports secretary. He won. By a huge margin. That was some feeling! After all that he had to endure prior to elections, all those hectic nights, it was pure, selfless joy!

This year, I was a part of our entrepreneurship cell. It was fun working for it. We saw the closing of its activities and there was a grand treat at a Mexican restaurant. I don’t think I will forget it in coming years.

In the beginning of April, I was made the head of a Creative Club in the campus. Going back to those days, I had never thought that it involved so much responsibility! My job ahead was to plan the structure of a team I would lead, and then select people to form the team. The team would then work for creative requirements of Shaastra (our techfest) to begin with. I don’t know what really happened, but the number of applications to join the Creative Club kept rising with each passing day. Then came GD sessions, interviews. Man, they were so exhausting!

I also undertook a job of making a publicity video for Shaastra. It was a very ambitious plan and something on that scale was never done before, at least for a video shoot by the students. It really drained me. Whatever could have gone wrong, went wrong. I didn’t get enough people to shoot. I had to manage dresses for each one of them. I had to roam about in the heat for hours. At one point, I felt so weak that I couldn’t get up from my bed. I am really grateful to people like Hula and a few guys from the institute choreo team, who were very passionate from day 1. Somehow, we managed to complete the shooting. Editing and music composition still remains.

Hostel Nite! Ah! This year, since I had other commitments as I stated, I couldn’t contribute anything of importance for my hostel night. It was really frustrating to say no to people who came to me for help, furthermore, seeing that they were working so hard to pull off a grand hostel nite. Eventually, I couldn’t resist and did some works on the final day. The main point is, even after being aloof from the preparations, the night had its effect. The realization that our days in the campus are numbered, the seniors whom we won’t see on these grounds and stairs after a month… This year, I didn’t need booze to turn senti (of course, I had some!). There is a 5th year senior called Talli. He is graduating this year. He was the person who made me start with ‘design’ work. Exactly 2 years ago, I had no knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and graphic designing. Somehow, he felt that I was creative enough and insisted that I go in that direction. Since then, my life in IITM changed completely. Without his suggestion, I would never have started with the software. The best part was when Talli asked us all to wear white shirts and started scribbling on it. Now, this is a tradition for seniors, who wear such t-shirts and people scribble on them. I was really taken aback when this was done for us! Here’s what I got:

Mr. Mamme,

By mistake god fitted his invention/creativity chip in his brain. Since then, all creations in Shaastra/Saarang/Hostel… and everywhere are done by Mamme. Till now I haven’t seen any repetition. Dude keep this thing alive. You are among those guys who govern the world. Mark my words. You will rule the world one day by your creativity.


This t-shirt will be a priceless treasure for me.

Hostel Nite was over, but my job as the head of Creative Club had just begun. Interviews after interviews… I felt something missing in my life. I had to interview many first year guys and gals. They had so many plans, so much enthusiasm. My time is almost over. They have just started their life. They have began realizing stuff. They have friendship to discover, things to learn… I envy them. I wish I was somehow transported back in time to my 1st year in IIT Madras!

Today was the annual Gymkhana Day of IITM. This is when all awards related to sports are handed over and my hostel was declared the winner of ‘Schroeter’ – the inter hostel trophy.

Oh! I also judged an event in Wavez, the tech-cul festival of my dept. The coordinators, 2 first year girls, did a very nice job organizing the event, and in the process missed out on the judge part. They requested me to do so. It was a boat painting event, and I did my part fairly well I believe. The three winners were: 1st – one of the coordinators’ sis, 2nd – a guy from my dept, 3rd – a guy from my hostel. But everything was fair!

Talking about Wavez, it was a huge success. Bachcha and Hula worked really hard to make it happen, and it was all a job very well done.

Chennai edition of Times of India is out. But it doesn’t match the standards of Bombay edition, at least in the first 2 issues.

The summer heat is very disturbing. Today, I skipped dinner. This was the third in the week. My room is a mess. I need to clean it. Cleaned the fish bowl yesterday.

Two weeks later, the semester will end. Another year will end. We will have to leave our hostel wing and move to a new one. I feel bad. The days ahead are going to be real tough. So much to do, so little time! I don’t have any motivation left.

  1. April 16, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    The motivation is in the air dost………
    And i see my name at quite some places there( Are these the signs of getting famous) 😛

  2. April 16, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Sale dont blah about that judge thing and for ur inforamtion i have added some people on my blog list

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