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What a couple!

I am interning at IIFT, Delhi under a prof in finance. I must say, what a lady she is!

I remember, on my first day when I visited her, she offered tea, which I had politelty refused. Throughout the last 3 weeks, she had been very helpful. Last Thurday, she offered tea again. This time, we had 2 options: tea or nimbu pani. We chose tea and it was great. We sat there for quite a long time, gossiping about all sorts of things. She advised us on our lives after graduation, asked us about our families, enquired about girlfreinds, told us about her plans of buying a house, explained us the concepts of jobs, money, satisfaction…

She sent us to MDI, Gurgaon the next day (that’s Management Development Institute, next to IIM A, B, C in ranking, and I had no idea that such a college existed!). We were supposed to meet her husband, who was also a prof, in MDI. We reached there on time, waited for 15 minutes. Then he came.

He was busy on phone, so we didn’t knock on his door. When the conversation stopped, we knocked. The door opened. There was a tall, well built man, a cigarette between his lips, greeting us. Before we could form any first impression of him, he impressed us. I must say, what a man!

He helped us with our project as much as he could. He himself ecsorted us to the library to introduce us to the staff there, where a simple phone call would have been enough. He himself took print outs of the materials we brought to him. He again took us to the canteen, to show us where it was, and insisted that we do not pay! Later, in his office, he prepared black tea for us! Most importantly, he gave us his original, purchased copy of a software which is much in demand!

We left the building wondering, what a couple!

  1. May
    June 8, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    nice to see such helpful people isn’t it?????? btw, you are tagged!!

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