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How about this for a piece of PJ!

August 26, 2008 2 comments

Tu haaar ja, main jeet jata hoon. Dono mil ke Baajigar ban jaayenge!

Courtesy: Doodh



August 23, 2008 5 comments

Reminded of a quote from HP and the Philosopher’s Stone:

It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.

This time I can proudly say that I qualified to earn points a la Neville!

Joker visited yesterday

August 23, 2008 6 comments

Love you all

August 22, 2008 4 comments

We had planned for a wing treat tonight. Not any outing, but on the hostel rooftop with room delivered food. Seems one bad news from home is enough to down your spirit. What can you do if it’s not one but more? Practically, nothing.

I want to talk to many long-lost people. But I can’t reach them. Of late, I have this recurring feeling that we are born facing many troubles, and then grow up carefree, unaware of anything that chanced during the times we were born. And one day, you realize that all this has to be changed.

Sometime, past seems no different from the present, and sometimes it seems the whole meaning has changed.

Love you all.

Caught you!

August 22, 2008 6 comments
  • How many times have you pissed in your hostel urinal with your cellphone in your pocket?
  • How many times, given the above, have you experienced the phone ringing?
  • How many times, given both of the above, have you received the phone?
  • How many times, given all the above, has the voice on the other end asked “Mamme, abhi kya kar rahe ho?”

8 months later!

August 21, 2008 6 comments

The worst thing that happened in last few days is that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince release date got shifted by eight months. All hopes for watching it this semester thrashed, I will now have to wait for July 17. I don’t know where I will be that time next year. Many of my friends will have jobs and will start settling in some cities. They will be away from IITM. Come back to insti in August and watch it in Chennai? All dual degree guys tell me that that fifth year is terrrible, you can’t find all those people you once knew and thought of as an inseparable part of your own life in IITM. The worst thing is that they include people other than close hostel friends, who will be missed greatly.

I can keep on writing about final year woes (no coffee partner, no zindagi fundaes…), but let’s reserve all that for some other time. Don’t know how I drifted into these things when I was talking of Potter!

Ok, so coming back to HP, I refused to believe that the release was postponed when I was told of it five days ago. Yesterday, I checked the net and there it was! Shattering! Whatever be the reason, Daniel’s nude appearance or hope for a summer blockbuster like ‘The Dark Knight’, a less revealed fact is that I was eager for the movie all summer, checking trivia and other stuff on the net. The trailer too seemed so stud! Now, it seems there is no chance for a valiant show of movie during the end sems  😛

Rakshabandhan and the following commotion

August 18, 2008 7 comments

Sis was here for Rakshabandhan. It had been six years since she tied Rakhee around my wrist and six years since she got a present from me. So she decided to come over to Chennai from Pune, the second reason  being more compelling I believe. And it happened. Fair. Oh, and yes, special thanks to Shruti for arranging for her accommodation.

She had to leave yesterday at 11:45am. We had returned from beach after a futile attempt to see the sunrise (I had never seen the beach so cloudy) and were quite understandably a bit, well, tired. It was 8:30am. I lay down on my bed, thinking that we will leave around 10. It was then that slumber took over. I woke up, saw the watch. 11:30am. Fuck! The train was about to leave in 15 minutes and we were kilometers away from station! I called sis just to find that she too was comfortably asleep. I told her to glance at her watch. “Shit” was what I heard next.

Ya, so we missed the train. All sorts of plans were made, from alternative connecting train routes to bus journeys. We finalized on a flight scheduled at 4:45am from Chennai.

A lot of hectic hours later, when everything was re-planned and I assured her that it was okay, I got some peace. Neta accompanied us to the airport. Standing near Sharav with the call taxi waiting, we had a small shot of Absolut vodka, raspberry flavour  🙂 Sis said it was like a cough syrup 😛

The last three days while she was here had been nice. I showed her the most of my campus, with pride. Its beauty was one thing she simply couldn’t deny, not even for the sake of not agreeing to my point. I liked that! To top it all, I got a message from her when she reached Pune, saying “Ganga wing rocks for sure”. Ah!