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Avoiding the clutter

September 20, 2008 3 comments

It hadn’t occured to me. But the other day, someone came a suggested a very simple way to avoid the clutter. Just create a new folder and put all the things adding to the clutter in it. The system is back, neat and clean!

But is not just hiding the clutter? It doesn’t go away.


Beyond the clutter

September 16, 2008 1 comment

I thought things couldn’t go worse after the clutter, for there was no space. But I realized that even if there is no space, some things remain there, hidden. Ready to surface when you delete anything that has been adding to the clutter.

What does betrayal feel like? Rather, how do humans deal with it? I think indifference is one way, dumbness is another, jubilation is a possibility, sorrow is obsolete.

Cluttered Life

September 15, 2008 7 comments


September 9, 2008 3 comments

The movie was good. Some new actors and some music director turned singer turned actor can learn from Farhan.

The play? Can’t comment really. I went there, but the sound was barely audible at the place where I sat. I have no idea of classical music to judge it. But it seemed good. After sitting for half an hour, I realized that apart from character names, I wasn’t able to figure out anything that was going on. Character names I was able to figure out because I had done the poster. So I left midway.

An interesting development in the past few days has been that my sis too has started asking me too design stuff! Talking to her senior in college, some hot Pune chic, is good but the workload has increased. I told this to sis and she replied saying that all those were the perks of being her bro!

Here is the video I had talked about:

New CTIDES logo

September 6, 2008 6 comments

Last time I made a logo for CTIDES, it was a big cup! So, a new version had to be there.

Quidditch Triumphs and Cellphone Woes!

September 6, 2008 6 comments

A weird day!

Started with a pleasant morning when we were supposed to sit in our respective hostels and avoid movement on roads in the institute, because PM and Ms. Sonia were in the campus. The usual creativity on GTalk status messages was on, and I found this one pretty cool: “Manmohan Singh is coming to promote Singh is Kinng in IITM”. ROTFL!!!

I had to make a teaser for Golden Jubilee Conclave. We setup a studio in Moli’s room and called few people to speak few lines for the video. It all went fine. Re-takes were fun, as always. Nothing beats laughing to your heart’s content after seeing someone speak to the camera and get nervous! But when you face the camera and you are also laughed at, it’s bad.

The video editing is still going on. It will be screened in OAT tomorrow during the movie ‘The Dark Knight’. Hope everything goes fine.

Me and Neta had a meeting with few guys who came up with a nice idea which can be implemented this Shaastra. Following that, we had to go and get tickets for Rock On, Sunday night show. We got the tickets and proceeded to the coolest hangout around – Landmark. I went to the ‘History’ section, but couldn’t find anything really good. I think this habit of looking for the BEST has to be given up. But there in Landmark, something really really nice happened.

I bought ‘Quidditch Through The Ages’! Finally!!!

And then something bad. My cellphone got damaged few hours ago. A broken screen. Sigh!  Me and cellphones just don’t seem to go together.

Th best part is that I have an exam on Operations Research tomorrow evening (ya, Saturday!) and I have yet to start. The better-that-the-best part being that I have attended negligible classes have no clue about the course. The bestest-of-the-best part is that the prof said it would be a tough exam. So, let’s start!

Flame of the Forest

September 1, 2008 6 comments

A poster I did for the play Flame of the Forest by JustUs Repertory. The story interested me as it deals with history; with arts, dance, war, emotions thrown in. I decided to go watch it. And it’s in IITM! What more can one ask!

Here’s a brief(!!!) description:

Flame of the Forest is set in the 7th century, in Kanchi and Mamallapuram, respectively the capital and the port city of the Pallava kings. Both cities were magnificent centres of art and learning.

Playwright, musician, artist and philosopher king Mahendra Pallava (590-630 A.D) lives for, and with the arts. With Kanchi as his resplendent capital, and Mamallapuram, his port city of sculptural marvels, Mahendra is engaged in promoting art and learning. Unprepared for war, can he save his people from the mighty foe Pulikesin II, the Chalukya emperor who invades his kingdom?

Young general Paranjoti is devoted to Mahendra. He fights a great war of vengeance, but finds the taste of victory bitter. Can he breakaway from the cycle of violence?

Captured by Pulikesin and imprisoned in an alien land for nine years, the Pallava court dancer Sivakami thirsts for revenge. What transforms her into a seeker of spiritual goals?

The Chalukya Emperor Pulikesin II marches with a colossal army to conquer the Pallava kingdom. But monsoon ravages his army and he is forced to sue for peace. How does his rage explode when his ambition is thwarted?

Inspired by Kalki Krishnamurti’s (1899-1954) epic novel Sivakamiyin Sapatham (1944), Flame of the Forest is an original play in English that combines history and fiction. The Tamil songs of medieval bhakti poet-saint Appar, and the Sanskrit verses of Bharavi are as much part of the play’s fabric as its dialogue in English. Classical Indian dance, music and martial arts blend with dialogue and movement, to create a sense of total theatre practiced in ancient India, and in the folk traditions of the country.