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I have never been so terrified…

October 25, 2008 13 comments

I was on a scooter. My father was driving. It was late afternoon and we were enjoying the ride. We were on a familiar road in my hometown. We were headed to a central circle and had to take a left turn. Papa turned the vehicle.

A sudden sound surprised us. What was it? I couldn’t relate that sound to anything I knew. I guess Papa was also amazed, as he started turning the scooter in the reverse direction, to find out what had caused the sound. I told him that we have to hurry, we don’t have time to waste here. He didn’t listen. He turned. What we saw next was spine chilling.

Near one of the shops a boy, around 18 years old, was standing. Without his head. His hands and legs were shaking violently and blood was gushing out from the top of his neck. His head was lying beside his right leg, on the ground, face down, very still.

Everyone soon found the culprit – a sharp something which had come flying from nowhere had hit him on the neck. I was rooted to the spot.

Yes, the blade was meant for me. It didn’t take me long to fugure that out. It was aimed at my neck, the moment I took that left turn. Somehow, I evaded it and the other lad got hit. I was very terrified. But I couldn’t tell this to my father. I told him to move from the spot. But he didn’t. He was eager to find out more about the crime that had just been committed. I kept on persuading him to move away, saying we must leave the spot at once. Finally, he agreed and we left. I was away from the spot soon after, in a building. Still, I was very very afraid to come out, even in the lawn or the ground.


Separated by distance, united by thunder!

October 19, 2008 6 comments

Not a speck!

October 16, 2008 12 comments

I stepped out of the bathroom at 7:42am, having just finished brushing. I hadn’t noticed it before. It had started raining. Now, though I don’t have a cycle, leaving the hostel at 7:45 for a class is perfectly normal, even during quizzes. But today, it was raining. And I had a quiz. I had no cycle.

I started on foot. When it rains, my head automatically bows down, as I find wet spectacles a big pain. So I try to prevent any single drop of rain from falling on the glasses. Today, it was not a heavy downpour, but it was not a drizzle either.

I decided to remove the glasses and kept them safely in my pocket before leaving. I had to walk till Humanities block. Near OAT, I met Hypo on cycle who agreed to ride me till HSB. He asked about my specs. I told him about the problem (we discussed about specs with wipers).

Metres away from exam hall, happy that I had managed to keep it dry, I took out the specs from my pocket. And there it was – in two pieces!

When you have an eyesight which is so weak that it can’t decipher text on a notebook till the notebook is 15 cm from the eye, staying without specs for a prolonged time is quite painful. And I had an exam which, in all probability, had already started.

I took the exam without specs, often bending so low into the paper that my nose touched it. It was an objective exam and I was counting on few people to help me. No way now.

After the exam, I had a class where there was a chance of me having to present a report. It was a random thing and fortunately, the prof didn’t pick our group. I had to endure three more classes. Between these, I tried riding a cycle without specs. It was not difficult but cool.  🙂

Now, some temporary repair has been done, thanks to Fevi Quick and tape and Chola. Let’s see how long this lasts. Too lazy to go out and get it repaied.

Blog stats before exams

October 12, 2008 2 comments

A picture is worth thousand words.

Memoirs of Shaastra2008

October 12, 2008 6 comments
  • Post Shaastra, my room could have easily been mistaken as the biggest dustbin of IITM. After all, where do you find dried liquid stains all over the floor, and the floor itself covered with a layer of ash? Where do you find 7-8 bottles, some half empty, some half filled, some sealed, lying in every corner possible? All this, thanks to a certain group of 17 individuals who decided to meet in my room every now and then for reasons unknown!
  • It took me to a t-shirt factory! For the first time I saw the printing techniques, the way screens are made, those colourful CMYK bottles… Nice experience, given the fact that I wanted to visit such a factory since long.
  • How many times have you sat in a T-72 battle tank and looked through the telescope there? I have, once.
  • Wearing a 32.5kg bomb diffusion armour, which took two men about 20 minutes to put on me was some experience!. It was really heavy and I found moving around in it extremely difficult.  When they finally removed the helmet, I was sweating profusely and gasping for breath, even though the suit was well ventilated from inside. Hats off to the men who use it regularly on dangerous missions.
  • Measuring the KV ground! It was 10 in the night. Neta and me, assisted by a volunteer, measured the entire KV gound using some ropes. It took us about an hour and every minute was highly enjoyable.
  • It cost all the core members in my wing their computers. Doodh’s hard disk got corrupted, Neta’s drives got corrupted, Chola’s comp refused to switch on (turning off the moment someone opened a PDF), mine too refused to open (fortunately the data was preserved).
  • Laser Show! No words to describe this extravaganza! Next day’s newsletter praised it, the only thing in entire Shaastra. Kudos to Neta, the copywriters and the music composers for pulling off the great show.
  • In the closing ceremony, when Dean Students said that Shaastra2008 was the biggest Shaastra he has seen, we felt proud.
  • Working with a team of impressive graphic designers, creative copywriters, excellent photographers and videographers and talented, hard working ambience coordinators taught me so much that I will be ever grateful to each one of them.

Classroom inspires again

October 12, 2008 10 comments

After long long time I ventured into GS’s classroom. As I had expected, whatever Operations Research was going on there made no sense to me. Another baffling thought was whether those front row girls always pretended that they understood or they really did.

Few minutes into the lecture and I was bored. Leela tried to disturb with a couple of messages but even that was boring. I was sitting next to Hula, and Ghalib was there on the next seat. All of a sudden Hula passed me Ghalib’s notebook. There were some lines written:

To Mamme,
Banner bana de!! Plz!!

I smiled. Wrote beneath:

To Ghalib,
Chinta na kar. Ho jayega. Pakka.

Few minutes later, the notebook was back! New set of lines followed:

To Mamme,
Creative Club Head

Intezaar me aadhi zindagi beet gayi

I smiled again. A game had begun. It went on and on:

To Ghalib,
Raat ke baad hi savera hota hai.

To Mamme,
Tu raat me hi de de. Subah tak intezaar nahi hoga.

To Ghalib,
Bas aaj raat. LOGO nahi bana to is raat ki subah nahi hogi.

To Mamme,
Tere designs ke intezaar mein hum subah ko bhi raat bana denge, aankhen band karke.

To Ghalib,
Is baar to design dene ke baad hum khud tumhari aankhen band karenge, pyala dekar. :pee

To Piyakkd Mamme,
Tere haathon se diya hua paani ka glass bhi ‘jaam’ ka kaam karega.
Us pal ko sochkar hi madhoshi chaane lagi hai.

To (to be) Piyakkad Ghalib,
Hum peete hain to tufano ka rukh mod dete hain, – 2
Tum kya piyoge Galib miyan,
Tum jitna peete ho, utna to hum paimaane mein chodd dete hain.

To (wanting to make me piyakkad) Mamme,
Itni jyada peete ho kya fayeda,subah hote hi utar jaayegi,
Peena hai to hamari tarah aankhon se piyo,
Khuda-kasam,saari jindagi nashe mein gujar jaayegi.

To aankhon se peene waale Ghalib,
Saare gam chooth gaye,jhamele saare kho gaye,
Pyala haath mein lete hi hum phir akele ho gaye.

To akele Mamme,
Kyun kehte ho ki hamare saaht kuch behtar nahi hota,
Sach to ye hai jaisa chaho waisa nahi hota,
Koi pee ki bhulata hai to koi ro ke,
Kyunki gam kabhi jindagi se badhkar nahi hota,
Akela hai aaj to ghabrata kyun hai,
Duniya mein khud se badhkar koi hamsafar nahi hota.

To hamsafar Ghalib,
Hum safar par nikle the,humsafar ki talaash mein,
Do panne bhar diye,phir bhi hum hataash the,
Ek sher upar se aaya, galib ki kalam se,
Ab hum nahi niraash hain, na hum kabhi niraash the.

And then it was time to leave. The class had ended. He wrote ‘to be continued’ beneath the last one and we left. 🙂