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December 31, 2008 3 comments

Looking around is an important part of learning graphic designing. Seeing what and how the world designs can give you lessons to design the world. It’s highly important to observe the most creative of graphics, and to try to undertand the process of their creation. This gives a graphic designer some edge over most others who start designing and start liking their work too. 🙂

For me, it was the summer of 2006 when I was in such stage, absoutely stunned by television ad graphics among other things. That was the time when I started experimenting with some softwares, other than Photoshop. It’s not recommended, I warn you. But I remember trying few of them and being overjoyed at the ease with which you could do certain work in them, say embossing. But the problem was that those petty softwares were limited to that work only and could do little other than embossing!

I created the model below around that time. I don’t remember the software used. It was not Photoshop. Of course, it’s not perfect, but I felt like posting it when I saw it lying in my home computer uselessly. 🙂



Which corner do you prefer?

December 29, 2008 5 comments


Is there anyone who doesn’t start nibbling it at that top corner but at some other corner?

An absent minded journey

December 23, 2008 1 comment

My phone got damaged en-route. At least I was not responsible this time. All of a sudden, it decided not to display anything, though the display was lit. I tried charging it, tried using a fellow passenger’s battery, but no better results.

I didn’t buy any books/magazines throughout the journey. Kept myself busy lying on my berth for most part of the journey, waking up occasionally for food. Finally, it was some fellow passenger who woke me up saying that Howrah station has come and asked me to get down.

Here at the cyber cafe at Howrah, as I wait for the connecting train, there’s a person next to me who has a cell phone with a ringtone that was my ringtone too for quite some time. And now, this person’s cell has rung 3 times in the past 30 minutes. It’s so frustrating!

I didn’t eat much on the journey. In fact I just realized that I didn’t eat anything at all today! I guess I will have some coffee as I get out. Too lazy to get something else to eat.  🙂

I will be staying at home for few days. I was worried about the next semester and the work-load waiting for me as I get back to Chennai. Tattu rightly asvised me not to think of it and enjoy whatever little time I would spend at home.

I shouldn’t say this before reaching home, I know, but thinking of returning to Chennai feels good, in spite of the workload. After all, there are limited such occasions left!

Deja vu

December 9, 2008 8 comments

Came upon an interview of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. He says:

All the humour – to boil it down – is about a ‘fish out of water,’ to use the cliche. It’s about somebody who is in a situation for which they are ill-equipped. What I love about smart people for my comic strip is that the workplace is the worst place for a smart person. Because the structure tries to dampen creativity, it tries to bring everything down to the average. With six people, if you have to agree on something chances are that you are not going to agree on what the smartest person thinks. You will agree on something that everyone can agree on – a watered down version of something that the smartest person will know is ridiculous, but everyone else will not. And so I love that tension about being a smart person and having to face that environment – where your smartness is not only not rewarded but is punished in some way. To me that is funny.

Aftereffects – II

December 6, 2008 3 comments

Someone had just finished a test for some company and was returning to hostel from CRC. Somewhere near Gurunath, as he walked thinking about the placements this year and dream-job/dream-of-a-job, he heard some chants from the nearby temple. It was evening prayer and aarti was going on. He decided to go in.

If you think this is strange, well, more is yet to come. The guy went in, secretly wished whatever he had to and came out. At the temple gate, an unusual scene greeted him.

Another bunch of 3-4 guys were coming his way, to the temple!

Seems there are few places to take refuge, given the horrid placement season this year.


December 5, 2008 12 comments

I knew him well. I was very much used to meeting him everyday, yes, almost everyday. I knew everything about his life and deeds. He was a good man, though  a bit irrational. Yes, he was a good man. He had good friends and good well-wishers. I liked him because he had chosen to be good. In spite of such brave choice, life had been unfortunate for him.

This sad chapter of his story drew me to him more than other things. And suddenly one day, he died.

I didn’t expect this. I was not ready for this. He had died! Before accomplishing things that would ensure a happy ending!

His sudden fall made me sad. True, I was sad for a few days. The fact that I was sad surprised me. I wasn’t supposed to be sad! How could I? That too for over a day! I tried to overcome the sadness, thinking it was foolish of me, but it won’t go. This amused me!

After few days, things got fine and I got over the sadness. And then I thought of those  last few days. It continued to amuse me!

After all, for the first time, I had been drawn to a novel so much that I was mourning the death of a fictitious character!

(I wrote this after I realized that I am not alone. People go to the extreme of thinking to drink off the pain!)


December 3, 2008 3 comments

At 10:30 pm, day2 of the placement season was yet to end. And the trend is threatening.

What do you say to a guy who mentions about some movie being good by quoting its IMDb rating and proclaiming that the rating is high enough to get shortlisted?!