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CISCE rings a bell?

April 29, 2009 20 comments

Amrit introduced me to a wonderful community about ISCE/ISC in Facebook. And it made my day!

I’m from ICSE board and like every single student who has been there, I’m proud of it! The community lists some terrific things under ‘You know you are from ICSE/ISC when…’. Most of the things listed there made me go wow! It was all very familiar and after going through it, I just have to make a list here.

  • In 9th/10th, you observed 1 minute silence in school assembly after Act III Scene I of Julius Caesar.
  • You migrated to other boards after 10th and were horribly distressed after glancing at their English textbooks.
  • You can proudly claim to have more knowledge of Shakespeare and Elizabethan English than the fellows who took a a course on the Bard in college.
  • You can brag about knowing places like Dantiwada, courtesy certain Geographical topo sheets.
  • You boast of having done some Socially Useful & Productive Work, even if you utilized that period playing Basketball.
  • When people around you were trying to grab the basics of C, you went around telling them about your expertise in C++.
  • You could never imagine teachers communicating in languages other than English.
  • You have a habit of talking to non-teaching staff too in English.
  • Your pre-boards score of 80% – 85% guaranteed a 90% or higher score in boards.
  • You actually prayed to Xavier Pinto and Francis Fanthome before the boards (I had to copy this point, rest are original).
  • Your can instantly bond with a person who says (s)he is from ICSE and together look down on other boards.

I had other superb points, but most of them were listed in the community. Anyone wishes to add something in the comments section?



An addictive feeling

April 25, 2009 16 comments

Some of my friends are unknowingly embarking upon the last weekend of their undergraduate lives. And I am sitting in my room pondering over issues of life, friendship, relations and poetry – as if it’s any other weekend.

I can’t call it Madras as I was not with it when it was so called. So I prefer Chennai. Chennai is getting hot and humid. I vaguely remember the weather an year ago – very humid. I really can’t say if it’s worse this year. But it’s gradually crossing the bearable limits. The spark that lives in humans tempts them towards unseen situations and undone acts. Blame it on that spark, I wanted to stay in Chennai for at least one complete summer. This is just one of the incomplete wishes that I will carry from my own undergraduate life.

If you think that I am about to graduate, you are wrong. I still have one year of college life to be lived. The difference is, rather will be, the absence of some of the closest friends who have been with me since last four years. So, though the graduation gown and all the worries of professional lives are a year away, you think you should give a thought to the fact that for some people, it’s the last weekend of their undergraduate lives. More so, when you think these are the people who will be remembered and missed more than anyone else on earth.

I never remember seeing a starry night sky in Chennai. The night sky here contains very few of those tiny twinkling dots, unlike other places. Sometimes when I lie down on the terrace wall looking at the sky, I miss all those stars. When I came to Chennai, it was as if some stars were left behind. I shudder at the thought of blank, star-less sky which will haunt me for the next one year.

Apart from that, everything will be the same. It will rain again and people will enjoy the rains from their hostel corridors. College festival organizers will again celebrate their hard work. Exams will again be screwed. Birthday cakes will again be ordered. People will again be worried about jobs. They will still watch movies and sitcoms. Hostel nites will be celebrated again. Treats will be offered again. Yellow leaves will again adorn the grounds beneath the trees. But they say happiness is created by people and not the place. The kind of people who are the most highly qualified for creating it will be missed, every time one of those very normal things occur again.

As the list of things done for the last time appears to be exhausted, wishes begin to show up. However bad it may feel to be never satisfied, it still is an addictive feeling. However hard someone tries to say that it’s just a transition from one phase of life to another, the misery of separation is an addictive feeling. However boldly someone tries to say that they are happy for what they had for all those years, looking beyond their words and finding an inevitable drop in their eyes is an addictive feeling.

Haunts of History

April 21, 2009 4 comments

It doesn’t feel good when fate places you back in history and snatches the reason you enjoyed that past.

Ek peedhi aati hai, ek peedhi jaati hai

April 18, 2009 15 comments

Our hostel wing video (in two parts):

Special thanks to KK, Mayur, Gautami, Kindo, Samyukta, Sirisha, Sneha and her group of freshies, Shonima, Nikhil, Gin, Newspaper man, Ghalib, Sindu, Preethi, Anitha, Shiwani and Tamanna for their cooperation.

Structures vs. Humans

April 15, 2009 6 comments

The good thing about joint failure is that it brings members together.


April 11, 2009 1 comment

Channelizing your sentiments from one direction to another is wicked. Or is it?


April 11, 2009 12 comments


Painted after a long time yesterday.

The band containing the word NETA was gifted by Tattu, personalized for everyone.

The quote at the bottom is Neta’s, after some experiences during last summer.

Thanks Vishnu for the paints.