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Another year ends

It’s a time when juniors have left college for home/internships, or are ready to leave. For those in final year, it’s thesis time. Completion of their B Tech/Dual Degree Project and getting their theses signed by the prof has surpisingly beaten all other committments and prioirities. People like me, 4th year dual degree guys, have not to worry about their thesis for at least a year. So I am here on campus, by some means, jobless.

Yes, I have to complete my lab course before I leave for Delhi internship, but that invloves a mere 2-3 days of experiment. Model fabrication will take time, but now that I have already brought materials after bearing the tormenting Chennai sun for one comeplete afternoon, I am less worried about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, helping friends with their B Tech Project seems a nice option. I got my name in the Acknowledgement section of at least two of the theses!

Coming back to internship, how would anyone be glad about going to the same place where (s)he was a year ago? I am supposed to intern in Delhi and will have to stay in IIT Delhi, the exact place I spent my last summer! The company and work are totally different, but life calls for change, isn’t it? Repitition is not a very good prospect, more so, when you know you won’t be able to enjoy alone as much as you enjoyed it a year ago with many friends around. Yet, there’s little room to exercise my will and so, I must stop fretting about it and look forward to begin my internship, as communicated to the comany. 🙂

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