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One liners at home

June 30, 2009 4 comments

Many years ago I was watching the movie Baghban with family, at home. At the end mom tried teasing (plus warning) us kids, asking if we too would become like those parent-hating ones shown in the movie.

Papa replied, “All parents are indeed like them, but all kids are not like them.”

I was floored!

PS: Your interpretation is wrong in case you haven’t seen the movie, even if you think otherwise. 🙂


… and thus He added to it

June 26, 2009 Leave a comment

“What is pain?” God asked.

“To tell you one of the manifestations, it’s when you want to sleep, because dark shadows appear to surround you. But there’s no sleep to be found. You are forced to stay awake. That’s pain.” I replied.

He smiled and walked away…


June 24, 2009 24 comments

Warm air all around, sweat that covers the eyelids 30 seconds after you wipe them, chair that gets burning hot, water that begins to boil 30 minutes after it’s fetched from the chiller, waking up at 6:30 am due to bright sun falling directly on the bed, pillow that’s soaked with sweat when you wake up in the morning…

That’s my room in Delhi in this pre-monsoon summer.

Update: No water in the hostel. Gaurd called other hostels to check, no water there too.

Heart in the right place

June 22, 2009 16 comments

I have always believed that human heart is NOT on the left side but in the centre, thanks to my school teacher. The theory was like this:

Heart is actually in the centre, just under the sternum (chest bone). It’s orientation is not with the vertical; it is somewhat tilted. This pushes the auricles towards the upper right side and the ventricles to the lower left side. Now, since major pumping activity, all that expanding and contracting, takes place in the ventricles, we feel the heartbeat on the left side.

I took infinite pride in my knowledge about this. The satisfaction you feel when someone (well, everyone) you meet doesn’t know the facts and is ready to challenge you that his/her version of facts is the correct one. You begin looking down at such creatures. It’s as if they don’t have their hearts in the right place!

So was my state. Till a few days ago. I met a med student whose eyes almost popped out in disbelief on hearing my theory. The fact that I was so confident about it eliminated the possibility of a joke.

“Bullshit” she said.

“Let me explain.” I said coolly, as it was not the first time I was meeting someone who had been kept in dark.

But here I was talking to someone who has seen more hearts than I have ever (have I?). She said, rather plainly, that heart is on the left side.

And that marked the end of my privileged knowledge days!

Move on…

June 14, 2009 2 comments

I met a friend after four years today. Last time it was in Mumbai, we were taking a common exam. Then college started and we couldn’t meet. Today was his last day at college and his train to home. We met at the platform, just as his train was about to depart. Dramatic!

There was this friend of his who had come to see him off. After the train left, we chatted. He was intersted in start-ups and so we found a nice topic to converse. He too left at metro station. I was alone and went to a Chinese bar-cum-restaurant. I had never drank alone. So decided to try it. An hour later, I  was regretting ordering Carlsberg. It didn’t even make me feel good, let alone high!

This is my fourth weekend in Delhi and so far each weekend is spent in nice company. I am meeting another bunch of insti folks tomorrow and plans for next weekend are already in place.

Life moves on.