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Move on…

I met a friend after four years today. Last time it was in Mumbai, we were taking a common exam. Then college started and we couldn’t meet. Today was his last day at college and his train to home. We met at the platform, just as his train was about to depart. Dramatic!

There was this friend of his who had come to see him off. After the train left, we chatted. He was intersted in start-ups and so we found a nice topic to converse. He too left at metro station. I was alone and went to a Chinese bar-cum-restaurant. I had never drank alone. So decided to try it. An hour later, I  was regretting ordering Carlsberg. It didn’t even make me feel good, let alone high!

This is my fourth weekend in Delhi and so far each weekend is spent in nice company. I am meeting another bunch of insti folks tomorrow and plans for next weekend are already in place.

Life moves on.

  1. June 14, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    Dude i told you to take a can or two.

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