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Winding up

July 22, 2009 11 comments

Last few days at home. Fortunately, my throat which was gripped by a nasty throat infection is better now. And the second total solar eclipse of my life was a spectacular one.

The next post will be from Chennai, unless something very extraordinary happens in these coming days (past experiences tell me that home is the worst place to expect such things, so yeah, Chennai!).


At home

July 13, 2009 6 comments

Day 1

I should call it Night 1. Dreamt of excessive boozing. More than excessive actually. Woke up next morning with a strong puking sensation and an upset stomach. Talk of dreams encroaching upon real life!

Day 4

Headache, fever, body aches, cough. Cough can safely be blamed on the ice creams with cousins on my birthday.

This visit to home is definitely not being a healthy one. At home, the poor computer configuration doesn’t let me enjoy the broadband as much as I want to, and ths stupd keyboard whch doesnt type I n one stroke s a turn-off. To make matters worse, I left my laptop power cable in Chennai.

And the silver linings: Nice dinner with school friends, weird dreams that continue to amuse me (okay, friends dying are not at all amusing,  but I can manage a chuckle I guess!), beautiful weather with more than occasional showers, the wait for Half Blood Prince.

There’s this friend who is a participant in the Great Driving Challenge. It’s a cool thing, you can check it out here. And may be you can even vote for her (please do! please do!!).

Life vs. Journey

July 12, 2009 8 comments

Some journeys are boring, even if they have something pleasant on the other side. You keep looking at the watch to count the passing hours. The watch becomes your friend and companion in the boring journey. As you near the destination, you begin to see familiar places and landmarks. The thrill that lies at the end of the journey begins to excite you. And your wait for it is now marked by the passing familiar landmarks. You conveniently keep the watch aside, as the boring phase is almost over. Now, it’s time for pleasant things. So you forget the companion that carried you from the boring phase to the pleasant one.

A journey? Or life?

Chennai, for few days

July 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I am back to college after one and a half months. Internet stopped working in my wing the moment I landed there. It’s still that way.

Surprisingly, I am enjoying Chennai weather in July. The fact that I had to endure Delhi heat may be an explanation.

Apart from the weather, the institute looks odd these days. Many roads are being re-constructed, many buildings have been freshly painted, some are even sporting pleasant colour patterns on some walls that makes me feel good. It’s sad I can’t find a camera around to take pics.

Since my final year project refuses to start and the air conditioner of my department is doing little to improve my cold, the only thing I am excited about these days is the arrival of my favourite character as the Half Blood Prince. A pity that I would be able to watch it ten days after the release. To remain hidden from all the reviews and comments for so long is a daunting task. A sudden idea: Casting Muffliato on myself!