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Chennai, for few days

I am back to college after one and a half months. Internet stopped working in my wing the moment I landed there. It’s still that way.

Surprisingly, I am enjoying Chennai weather in July. The fact that I had to endure Delhi heat may be an explanation.

Apart from the weather, the institute looks odd these days. Many roads are being re-constructed, many buildings have been freshly painted, some are even sporting pleasant colour patterns on some walls that makes me feel good. It’s sad I can’t find a camera around to take pics.

Since my final year project refuses to start and the air conditioner of my department is doing little to improve my cold, the only thing I am excited about these days is the arrival of my favourite character as the Half Blood Prince. A pity that I would be able to watch it ten days after the release. To remain hidden from all the reviews and comments for so long is a daunting task. A sudden idea: Casting Muffliato on myself!

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