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Paradigm Shift

May 12, 2010 11 comments

“Consider a point in space,
Let it be called En,
Assume it to be the centre piece
On a count from one to ten.”

“Now wander to the left a mile,
And also an equidistant right,
Assign the first anĀ Es, while
The second point gets as Etch alright.”

So was the path laid out,
For all to walk and run,
And all did walk the routes,
Before a scary thing begun.

A crunch was beginning to be felt,
The walls seemed to be caving in,
The margins that were already dealt,
Seemed meager to the ones within.

Alas! They had never known the fact,
The expanse couldn’t be changed again,
So with all the might they ever had,
They could merely shift the point En.

En found a new resting ground,
It had moved two blocks towards Es,
Of all the new effects profound,
One was the motions of Es and Etch.

The Es prime was less than Es,
And so fared Etch prime,
Each three is now a notch less,
And so would they be for all time.