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Door Hanger

December 9, 2007 5 comments


Courtesy: Rachel


Harry Potter and the Order of the Physicist

December 9, 2007 1 comment

The world-famous Cavendish Laboratory opens its doors for a free public open day of scientific wizardry this Sunday.

Today is the day! It’s called Harry Potter and the Order of the Physicist. It’s a family fun day with a difference, revealing the science behind Hogwarts.

Acclaimed author and Science Editor from the Daily Telegraph, Roger Highfield will present β€˜The Science of Wizardry’, an entertaining talk discussing the themes of the day and building on two of his popular books The Science of Harry Potter and Can Reindeer Fly?. There will be quizzes, things to make and take away, and a Call My Magical Bluff panel game.

The Institute of Physics is staging the event in conjunction with Cambridge Science Festival. It’s an organisation that represents the interests of professional physicists. Each year it holds a family fun day to help promote an interest in the wonders of science and nature. These events are free to the general public and there are no commercial objectives.

Seems to be real fun. Hoping such thing takes place in India sometime πŸ˜› .


December 8, 2007 1 comment

We are halfway through the first phase of placement season and, I hate to admit it, but placements are not proceding as good as expected. 😦

The silver lining: Almost half of my branch is placed! Someone (must have) said, “When all else fails, think of saving your ass”Β  πŸ˜›

The placement team is working hard to get people placed. Let’s hope for the best!