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Images Of Life!

June 13, 2010 3 comments

As long as I can pull off making hay without the sunshine, I will continue to post here, despite the hesitation to post anything substantial. So, continuing where I left in the last post, about counting life and its little pleasures, here I go:

Holding a nine year old anthology in your hands, reading Masefield,Tagore, Milton and Eliot, recalling the origin of each and every stain on the now yellowish pages and recognizing, despite change, your handwriting that was; what else can be more fulfilling!


Changes etc.

June 6, 2010 13 comments

Long time! It’s true, the blog imitates the twists and turns your life.

After a long time, I was sad today. And it felt good. When a lot of attitudinal changes take over the mind and the body over a short span of time, we find little time for everything else. It’s a journey that has to be taken, and often alone. Hence the delay between posts here, which I think is on the rise.

All that apart, looking at old pictures and videos has always been an important ritual to me. Today me and Moli discovered some forgotten pieces. In some way, those frozen chronicles are way better mirrors, reflecting our previous existence, than introspections can ever be. And it feels weird to know how we have changed, beyond what we knew about the change!

Speaking of change, there was one more conscious change. This time while trying to play a tune on my harmonica, I tried perfecting it without resorting to use the keyboard. It was a good exercise and with some practice, I was able to do it. Ah, life and it’s little pleasures!