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One more trip around the sun

July 13, 2008 9 comments

First birthday with these fuckers:

And they brought a lovely cake too:

Rajat called from UK to wish me. Totally unexpected! All this followed by an outing with some other friends,  who gifted me nice chocolates.

All done, dinner and a good night’s sleep at chachi’s residence.  Somewhere between this I got few hours of time with myself, alone. Realized that it takes real guts to go and interfere when you see a strong, well built man harassing a woman and the woman in tears, crying loud (I complained to police).

The next day (which is today) was no less brilliant. Morning spent lazily after that good night’s sleep, excellent lunch and coffee at Antenna’s house. Some friends are planning for the evening at Cafe Morison, a nice lounge in SouthEx, But I guess I will pack.


Neta said it

July 10, 2008 3 comments

There is a difference between solitude and loneliness… I now understand that.

Try this!

July 6, 2008 5 comments

Bachcha & I
Egg Frieed Rice


An unfinished story

July 4, 2008 3 comments

Moli was here in Delhi for few days. He went this afternoon.

Yesterday, during dinner, he said he wants to write a story. I had heard this from him many times in IITM too. This time, he was very enthusiastic as he spoke. He said he had a story, a tragedy. He just wanted to write it.

I said narrate. And then he began to narrate. I listened.

We finished with our dinner, walked to the hostel. The story continued. We came to room and the story seemed never-ending. He spoke and I listened. This went on for hours. The clock showed 2 am but both of us had no intentions of sleep or rest, though the day had been tiring. Finally, he finished. I was left totally speechless.

That night shook my knowledge and view-point of certain civilization to such an extent that I would have never dreamt of. The tragedy is that Moli thinks he can’t write and so he needs a writer to pen down this story. Having listened to the story myself, I can only agree that it’s impossible for anyone other than himself or few others who can write it or feel it. And the sad part is that the story had many characters and events from real life, to one of whom the writing of this story has been promised. This promise may not have made the character happy, but it certainly must have brought a smile; one of the very rare things to do so.

We discussed about the story for sometime and then drifted to sleep, forgetting everything that was said and heard.