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Chak De! India

August 26, 2007 4 comments

To revive the interest in the neglected national game, the team of Chak De! India will play an exhibition hockey match against a team of Bollywood stars. The match will be played on 11th September at Astroturf-laden Hockey Stadium (Chandigarh). The Chak De! India team will be lead by the on screen captain, Vidya Malvade (Vidya Sharma), while the Bollywood team will be lead by Suneil Shetty.


IIT Life!

August 26, 2007 1 comment


Memories of this part of our lives will be etched in our minds forever. All these night-outs, pranks, carelessness…

Yesterday, we went to a hostel senior’s place – he graduated last year and is presently working in Chennai. It was great to meet him. We talked endlessly, boozed, and then there was brilliant dinner made by a Bihari cook. We left him around 11:30 pm, and waited for an auto for what it seemed like half an hour. There were nine of us, most of whom were high. So we boarded an auto. Inside, someone started humming some a song. That was it. Call it a high level of understanding or whatever, all of us started singing. We sang throughout the journey:

Hai apna dil to awara
Na jaane kispe aayegaYe dosti, hum nahi chodenge

Todenge dum magar
Tera saath na chodengePal, rahein ya na rahein pal
Kal, yaad aayenge ye pal


We kept on singing till the driver asked us to alight at IIT Gate! I decided there that this will definitely go to my blog. Wondering about the sheer pleasure when 20 years later, I read these lines and recollect the IIT life. As Bachcha rightly said back there in the auto, such night will be few, so, live these moments!

Auto Stunt

August 24, 2007 1 comment

There’s a T-junction near Cauvery hostel in our campus. Something extraordinary happened there today.

I was riding a cycle, Moli sitting behind me. As we neared the junction, an auto-rickshaw zoomed ahead of us. It was at tremendous speed and still accelerating. My first instinct was that it will go straight ahead and not bend right. But no, just as it reached the junction, it decided that a change in course was absolutely necessary and there he was, applying brakes and steering the auto a sharp 90 degrees. Believe it or not, as the driver did so, the rear right wheel actually rose a feet in air! All the passers-by stopped to see what would follow next. But fortunately, it regained balance and was again on ground. I tried to look inside the auto to see the reaction of the passengers but found it vacant. A close shave!

Buzz, ed. 02

August 20, 2007 Leave a comment

BUZZ the weekly 1st wing newsletter…
Ed. 02

SMS Privacy?

A great deal is going on, secretly. Unbelievable things are being said, all through SMS’s. Sample this one in Tattu’s inbox: “Main to nahi bolne wali. u will hv 2 say everything. Don’t expect from me as i am too shy.” Interesting? Another one in Baba’s ‘sent’ folder reads thus: “Thanks for inviting us and making it wonderful. And ya it’s my pleasure to save your life. 🙂 Bye.” What does this mean? And what does it mean when someone messages Tattu to delete one of his testis and that good things should be kept for the end, so make up his mood? Well, it’s clear that a lot is happening and as always, BUZZ is always there to enlighten the immortals.


Bhondu, brushing one night and saying that it was his new-sem-resolution. Never again was he seen brushing at night.

Really Influential Contacts

While Neta and Tattu may argue as to who has higher contacts, Hula has proven his mettle in this case. A stud prof. actually shook hands with him in class and said he was sure to score many S grades! Now how did he manage to seduce the prof? Everyone is wondering…

Dedh and the coolest dude

As usual, Anna assumed the forefront in planning the trip to Bangalore. He said he had grandest plans for all. But all of a sudden, it all crashed! And Anna’s alibi? The plan had to be cancelled as his friend, whom he referred to as ‘cool-dude’ couldn’t make it to Chennai.

New Bloggers!

Bachcha and S9 were the ones, incrementing the count of wing bloggers by 2. Interestingly, both began with a serious note:

A would be dilemma

Tattu enjoyed his stay in Australia – it’s well known now. How he enjoyed? It’s captured in his pics of beaches, topless restaurants etc. But oops! He left the undeveloped roll at his home. His parents plan to get them developed, but he is constantly forcing them not to. If only someone calls up his home and tells them what ought to be done!!!

Neta’s Dreamgirl

In the train while returning from Bangalore, Neta dreamt that a couple on his opposite berth were having sex. And, believe it or not, he had a nightfall!!!

Baba-Babi went up the hill to-

Baba had this nice trip to Kodaikanal with many girls. And now, at least two of them are reported to be ill, with constant vomiting. “God knows what they did up there…”

Joke of the Week

Dilli asked a girl: “What’s your name?”
The girl replied: :Carmen.”
Dilli: “How come?”
Girl: “I like car and men both. What’s your name by the way?”
Dilli promptly replied: “Boobinder Singh Pussy.”

The Editor-in-Chief

We had numerous hate mails saying BUZZ never features it’s employees. To stop this crib once and for all, this column will feature non other than the highly revered Editor-in-Chief himself! Yes, we gladly accept your ‘thanks’ and wishes.


Doodh, for assuming an authority regarding setting up of wing rules and threatening everyone who goes against him to debar from veto power in all wing decisions.

Trip to Mahabalipuram

August 16, 2007 5 comments

It started with midnight buffet at The Residency. Actually, it was sponsored; a birthday treat thrown by 5 of us [ including me 😦 ].

Then we set off to Mahabalipuram at around 10 in the morning. We couldn’t manage bikes, so we boarded a bus, covered most of the journey standing and reached after an hour. Lunch was the first everyone could think of. So this was it:

We ate well, and a part of the ‘feel-good’ factor was the cool ambience:

We rented cycles, the good old grandfather cycles, and set off, first to tiger cave:

We visited many places but the thing that I admired the most was this:

If you don’t know about this, let me just tell you that this was a method of cutting HUGE rocks, indigenously developed by those great ancestors of ours. Don’t believe me? Well, here is the proof:

Awesome, isn’t it? These are the rathas, carved out of a single stone:

The shore temple was equally awe inspiring:

And finally, the beach:

Lastly, there is one thing that I flatly disapprove:

I know most of the people reading this post will never do such things, but that does not close the issue. Defaulters are always there. Don’t you find it disgusting? Let’s do something to stop this. I request all of you to copy the above pic and display it in your blog/orkut album/online photo gallery and everywhere you could think of. Let’s honour the men and women who had such skills and ability to labour that makes people of today’s highly technological age marvel at their creations.

Buzz, ed. 01

August 13, 2007 1 comment

Remember Buzz? Well, it’s our weekly wing newsletter with myself as the Editor-in Chief. It was started again after more than an year of inactivity. The first edition came out last week. Since Buzz is a hand written, A3 newsletter, scanning it and displaying here wouldn’t have been effective so I thought of writing all that there is.


BUZZ the weekly 1st wing newsletter…

Ed. 01

The BUZZ that lived!

All hail! A phenomena that had been dormant for quite some time now, is active now. BUZZ is back! Well, it was destined to be, as our official astrologers had predicted long back. This is the first edition, and we promise that BUZZ will be dynamic (wait till you witness!). Since this edition comes right after the summer break, it has stories (facts, we proclaim, as always) from the holidays and we term this as ‘Holiday Diaries.’ Now, that all the immortals refrain from “mentoring” the freshies, BUZZ will definitely spice up their lives, or at least, their weekends.


Dilli, gazing at his name as athletics in-charge on notice-board from the corner of his eye, at a bunch of passing freshies. He was elated that they notices his name!

The other side of Bachcha

In the very first class this sem, a prof asked a question. Amidst a silent class, Bachcha was bobbing up and down eagerly. Finally, unable to resist, he let out the answer: “Sir, it’s the outcome of a probabilistic process expressed as a function having direct co-relation with it’s stiffness matrix.” The prof later admitted that he was dumbfounded!

Moli seeing Cupids

He received a wrongly delivered message from a girl last sem. And they kicked off. All thise hours he used to spend on the phone – it was her. Just ask him if he didn’t take her for a date while at home (Here’s a hint – her name starts with *).

Baniya, Munafa etc. etc.

Dhamki, when he was supposed to be interning, did unearthly things. He approached a whore, got his stipend raised and still managed to avoid putting a treat (for other immortals – GO GET IT!).

Yet another side of Bachcha

[ can’t be displayed as it contains matter that may spark controversies in the lives of my wingmates, if everyone out there reads it ]

Baba – a mortal threat?

The garden man reached Bangalore for a project under some stud scientist. When he met him, he (the scientist was not very friendly. The next thing our reporters heard was that the scientist was paralyzed! God save the immortals!!

Quote of the Week

The overwhelming prerequisite for the greatness of an artist is, well, the artist’s death.


Tattu, for adding a golden streak to his locks, spending 11$ on a pack of *** and most importantly, for being so very focussed for his aim, as is evident from a document unearthed by our research team. A xerox of the original is displayed here do that the immortals can get to the real (bigger) picture.

[ can’t be displayed as it contains matter that may spark controversies in the lives of my wingmates, if everyone out there reads it ]

The finished Poster

August 13, 2007 Leave a comment

Read this first.

So, I had to finish the poster by Friday (actually Sunday, but since I had plans for Bangalore for the weekend, it meant Friday was my personal deadline). So I did it, most of it on the last day, as usual and here is the second draft of the completed poster. I say second because the first one made by me looked slisha cramped; Amrit did some editing and this was the result:

Still, some issues remain (they always have to). It seems some of the sponsors aren’t happy with their logos placed on black background (as if it would cause their annual profit statements black). So there definitely will be a third draft. Let’s see how many more…