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I was in hospital this evening. Returned half an hour ago. Had been there to visit a friend. Every time I go the hospital, I realize I can’t stand it. The feel of the place, the thoughts of needles piercing the skin, of blood, of someone daring to slash the wrists… even imagining these gives me shivers (though I myself have had two major surgeries). Today, I was flipping through the book Blink as I sat in the hospital room. It’s a nice book but unfortunately, the pages I read were filled with working of the brain and the human psych in stressful situations. There were horrible stories, like a policeman describing his state after he shot someone, or about increased heart beats leading to abnormal behaviour. It was very stressful. Clubbed with the hospital feel, it made me sick.  I had decided to write about Bharatpur sanctuary in the danger of losing world heritage status, and later search about the movie Cloverfield. But don’t feel like doing so now. I will go have some light chats with wing-mates instead.

  1. Aarthi
    February 4, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Ya…its terrible..now I dn’t want to write my experiences here and reind you everything again…:)

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